Business Planning and Financial Analysis
We develop integrated Business Planning and Financial processes that are efficient and accurate. You will be able to update your plan easily as business conditions change. Scenario planning should be a breeze. Reduced variance will improve your bottom line.

Decision Analysis
Our Decision Analysis process is a systematic approach to decision making using proven framing and analysis tools to generate, evaluate and compare decision alternatives in the face of risk and uncertainty. We help you frame the opportunity, Build a deterministic and later Probabilistic model that incorporates uncertainties, and finally Evaluate and Interpret results so that you can take the most informed decision possible.

Forecasting and Simulations
Our business simulations are configured with all the necessary controls you need to adjust the main assumptions. The models are extensively documented as they are developed. which ensures you are comfortable with the product and allows for rapid upgrades as the scope of the models change. The forecasting process includes back-testing to demonstrate accuracy, and we provide a sensitivity analysis so you can focus on the critical inputs.

Executive Dashboards and Market Intelligence
Our dashboards are tailored to your business. We help you identify the most critical internal metrics to be monitored; Recommend relevant external indicators; Track the economy, your industry, suppliers, customers, and competitors; Develop a process for updating the business dashboard; Automate the data gathering; Help you expand and optimize your existing business dashboard. Your personalized news source delivered daily saves time and reduces informational bias.

General Business Consulting
We provide a wide range of services including: Intelligence gathering; Strategic analyses; M&A Valuations; Real Options; Formal proposal presentations.

Download Samples Models:

Portfolio Profitability Model

Asset Utilization Rate Simulator